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What it Keratoacanthoma?


Keratoacanthoma is a fleshy, pink to red, dome-shaped tumor that grows rapidly in 4-8 weeks and has a noticeable central plug or core of dead skin. The rapid growth and odd appearance often are scarey. Even without knowing what it is, most people know it is not right and should be taken care of. A true keratoacanthoma is not cancer in my opinion. If left alone, true K.A.'s may tend to shrink and resolve on their own after months. They may leave behind a small scar. Often there is no scar.

Treatment for Keratoacanthoma?


1) Freeze with liquid nitrogen

2) Excision

3) No treatment. Wait and watch (This is not recommended).







Call to find out how your Keratoacanthoma can be treated by Dr. Steinmetz!



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