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Telemedicine Appointment
Dr. Samuel E. Steinmetz

Patient Instructions:
1. The telemedicine appointments are available for existing patients only.
2. Call the office to schedule your appointment time and date.
3. Please be sure that your device has internet, browser, camera, microphone and speakers. Most laptops and mobile phones will have this.
4. Click the link below to be directed to the virtual waiting room. If get a security warning, choose Allow.
5. You will see a “Welcome” screen.
6. On the welcome screen, type your first and last name and then click the “Check In” button.
7. Choose “Enable Camera”.
8. If your web browser prompts to allow camera and microphone, choose Allow.
9. At this point you should see yourself on camera in the upper right.
10. Watch for the doctor to appear on the main center of the screen. This will occur at the scheduled time of your appointment.
11. Ask the doctor if he is able to hear and see you. And confirm that you are able to hear and see him.


Please click this link to be directed to the virtual waiting room.

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